In Case You Were Wondering


What currency its used in Costa Rica?
The currency of Costa Rica is the colon. The U.S. dollar is frequently accepted by merchants around the country. Some stores give you the cost in both currencies. Usually if you pay in U.S. dollars they will give you your change in colones.
How far from Casa Oasis del Sol is the beach?
The nearest beach (Playa Ventanas) is about a 15 minute drive. Another favourite of ours is Playa Chamon (20 min). There are many beaches in the area. Pack up the car and go explore!
Are there lots of bugs in Costa Rica?
Bugs are unavoidable. They are part of the ecosystem. The usual suspects are mosquitoes, spiders, ants, grasshoppers and the very interesting stick bugs. The bugs here may be a tad bigger than back home but they are definitely prettier. Bug spray is recommended.
Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?
Costa Rica has a very low crime rate. But like everywhere in the world crime does happen. Most crimes are opportunistic. With common sense most thefts can be prevented. Don’t keep valuables in you car. Beware of pick pocketers. That sort of thing.
Are there ATM’s in Costa Rica?
You can find ATM’s at most banks all over Costa Rica. Use your debit card the same as you would back home. BCR banks have an english option at the ATM.
What is the language in Costa Rica?
The official national language is Spanish. However English is widely spoken all over the country.
Is it safe to drink the water?
Tap water in Costa Rica is drinkable and, in many areas, quiet good. That being said, bottled water is available everywhere.
Where do I buy groceries?
Major chain grocery stores are in most cities and larger towns. They are set up exactly like home. Produce area, meat counter etc. Small “quick stop” shops are everywhere. Alcohol is sold in most stores.
Do I need to rent a car?
If you want to see the wonders of Costa Rica the answer to that is YES!! You will want a car to get to the beautiful beaches, the mountains, the waterfalls and everywhere in between. There is so much to do and see. Though the roads are in excellent condition a 4×4 is recommended to get to those ‘off the beaten path’ spots that might take you through a stream and up a steep hill.
When is the rainy season?
When we first heard of “the rainy season” I pictured torrential downpours 24/7. That is so not the case. The rainy season (aka the green season) is generally from May to November with October being the heaviest rainfall. Everything seems to come to life and turn a brilliant green. Most rain showers will appear in the afternoon. So you can pack your mornings with activities and leave the afternoons for relaxing. Rain or shine the temperature is always warm.
How far from the airport is "Oasis del Sol"?
The drive from San Jose will take you 3 1/2 hours. If you choose to fly from San Jose you can fly into Quepos. This is a 20 minute flight then a 55 minute drive to the house. Or you can fly into Palmar Sur. This is about a 25 minute flight then a 30 minute drive to the house.