Getting to “Oasis Del Sol”

Essential Tips to Aid Your Journey

There are several ways to get from the airport to “Oasis del Sol”. 

Rent a car:  (which you will definitely want to have a car while you visit. So much to do and see).  Be sure to prebook your car rental well before your trip to guarantee that you get what you want.  We highly recommend ALAMO and get an SUV so that you have no limits to explore this amazing country.  They will pick you up at the airport and take you to their office where your rental will be waiting.  The drive south is approximately 3 1/2 hours. Very nice coastal drive and an opportunity to see some of the country. 

Air:  Once in San Jose you can take a small airplane to the airport in Quepos. This takes about 20 minutes.  You can arrange with Alamo to have your rental car waiting there for you. Then you only have a 50 minute drive to the house. Another air option is to take a SANSA flight from San Jose to Palma Sur which is only 20 minutes away from Oasis Del Sol.

Bus:  There is a direct bus from San Jose to Uvita. Takes 3 1/2 hours. And again you can arrange with Alamo to have your rental car waiting in Uvita. Then you only have a 20 minute drive to the house. 

Private car/taxi:  there are many available on line.  We can help with information if you choose this option. 

Private Shuttle: This option can run from $150-$200 per vehicle and drop you off at the house.  Please Google the various choices.

At The Airport (SJO)

As in every Country you need to go through customs on arrival. Throughout  most of Costa Rica most places do not have an address.  When they ask you where you will be staying tell them “50 metros Este de los condominios, Tres Ríos de Coronado, Osa, Puntarenas”.  If you chose a SANSA flight proceed to the connector flights.  If you chose land transportation head to the baggage pickup.

After customs you can stop at the Duty Free to get wine or spirits at a decent price.

Then you will get your luggage and take it to the X-Ray machine.

After you clear X-Ray, you are ready to go.  If you rented a vehicle from the airport or booked a shuttle, you will be met by a representative on the other side of the X-Ray machine.  Just look for their signs.  Through experience, if you land anytime after the noon hour we suggest you Uber or Taxi from the airport  to “Irazu Best Western Hotel” where you can stay the night at a very reasonable price ~$85.00 US.  Take a swim, rest up from your flight , eat your free breakfast in the morning and Alamo will deliver your car to the Hotel that morning.

Irazu Best Western Hotel And Studios

For under $100 US this hotel is one of the best deals in San Jose.  We sometimes use it coming and going.  You can UBER or taxi to this hotel.  Approx 15-20 minutes from the airport (SJO).  You can google it for information.  

Address: General Canas Hwy KM3, San José, Costa Rica

Alamo Car Rental

Alamo is our go-to car rental.  The rates are reasonable and they have many locations.  They are prompt with any problems that you have.  Our car had an electrical problem at “Oasis Del Sol” and they had an upgraded car delivered within two hours.  You can book it on-line with no money up front and it will be ready for your pick-up at the airport or Irazu Best Western.  We have partnered up with ALAMO to give you a special rate. choose your vehicle on the website and  Use this Travel Agency Number 07018  and contact or by calling 22427733.  

Our Personal Recommendation

Phone: An App similar to Google Maps called “Waze” is used in Costa Rica.  Far more accurate than any other map App.  Having data on your phone is a blessing at times.  Waze will get you wherever you want to go.  Another valuable tip is to download Costa Rica on Google Maps using their off-line maps function, before you go.  This map can be used without a signal (very handy when you loose a signal).  You can pick up a SIM card at many locations.  Just look for the “Kolbi” sign outside of many stores.

We highly recommend that you do not do the journey if it runs into the evening.  Through experience we suggest you Uber or Taxi from the airport to “Irazu Best Western Hotel” where you can stay the night at a very reasonable price.  Rest up from your flight , have a swim, eat your “free” breakfast in the morning.  Alamo will deliver your car to the Hotel that morning.  A personal service with no line ups.  You will also avoid the extra charges for airport pick-up.  The drive is quite pleasant once you are out of the city.  Be sure to stop  at the Terricoles River Bridge to see the giant crocodiles below.